VELT was born out of the love for plants and the appreciation of nature and our environment. 

Founded in 2017 by Nicola Andrag, VELT is a small and personalised service. The authenticity and one of a kind elements in each piece of artwork adds to the uniqueness of the art. Nicola's adoration of plants and flowers led to her process of floral preservation.

The frames are inspired by her love of modern, clean and simple lines.  Each piece is handmade, from the selection process of the plants which are encapsulated in the frames, through a special preserving and pressing process to the craftsmanship of creating the frames. Offering ready made framed botanical art to customised pieces and wedding floral keepsakes. VELT allows Nicola to combine sentimental subjects with modern design and decor. For orders or more info please email

"I hope to create pieces with meaning and longevity for all. Go well & tread lightly x"

Nicola Andrag